Nov 12, 2012

Shout out

If you haven't experienced 'Happy Birthday' Hepworth style...
you haven't experienced it at all!


To my beautiful sister Julia who just turned 17 in October!
Julia has always been a friend to EVERYONE, she is the least judgmental person and accepts you for who you are! She is always happy, and always looking for a party. She loves people! Julia has such a good heart, she truly cares for people and is so loving. She is a beautiful dancer! And not only is she the most beautiful girl I have ever seen, her insides are just as pretty :) Love you JuJu!! Thanks for being such a good friend and ALWAYS sharing your clothes with me. I love our midnight-snacks chats when we think we are SO 'hung-hung' and i've loved growing up with you. Your the best! 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAKE! My one and only little bro turns 14 today! I cannot believe it. This kid is a stud! He has grown up his whole life being the middle child with ALL sisters... what the luck. But somehow he has put up with all our teasing and all the girly drama. Jake is a sweetheart! He is SO cute with little kids, and they all love him! He is a hard worker, and is preparing to be a missionary! Jake is so athletic, i'm telling you he is SUPER fast, like, vampire status. He has a million friends, I swear! Everyone likes being around him, and I can see why! He's been such a good friend to me, and i'm SO grateful to have him as a brother :) Love you Jakey! 

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