Sep 10, 2012

SO delighted.

New Roomies! When I moved up to the dorms two weeks ago I already knew 3 of the 5 girls I'd be living with. But since living together is a new thing for everybody I made all the girls a little home-welcoming gift.

IBC cream soda
nail polish 

"I am 'SODA' lighted to be roomies!"

Let me tell you, living with five other girls (your same age) definitely is a new experience. It has it's ups and downs (lack of sleep) and all of us are going to get to know each other on a whole different level! Even those of us who were already best friends. We've already laughed, bawled, been sick, and yelled together. They've already seen me at my worst haha and I'm grateful they are forgiving. Not to mention, mother nature has a way of making things interesting, we all seem to be on the same schedule, (if you know what I mean) haha so that's gonna be fun! But honestly I couldn't ask for a better group of girls! 

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