Aug 9, 2012

week at a glance

  •  work from 4 to close & good old family night!
  • I got my new computer!! Which I am very extremely grateful for, and excited to take it to school! :) 
  • Later Tuesday night Andrea (Jordan's mom) took me to dinner! She wanted to take me before I move out, which I thought was very thoughtful. I've never really had any one-on-one time with her before so it was fun to get to know her a little bit better. She let me choose where we wanted to go and we went to Costa Vida (in honor of Jordan going to Mexico!) haha plus I had been craving it all day so it worked out perfect!
  • We woke up and got ready, then took a little road trip with my mother, and two youngest sisters. We went up to Logan! Ava and Livi wanted to see where their big sister was moving to! (I am the oldest, so this whole moving out-college thing is new for everyone in my fam!) We showed them my dorm, and went to the book store and purchased all but one of my books! It actually turned out not being as bad as I expected it to be, cost-wise and even how many there were. Go used books people! We got a few other supplies, and then just walked around campus for a little bit. 
  • Right when I got back from our little day trip to Logan I went over to my friends who had snatched some free tickets off some guy for the Josh Gracin concert! So we headed out to South Jordan to their county fair. The opening girl who was singing  was Jana Kramer, I didn't recognize who it was at the time but once we got there and she was up on stage I about had a heart attack! I have a confession to make, I have been overly-obsessed with the t.v. show One Tree Hill. It's my one weakness for dumb silly fake drama. But something about that show had me addicted to watch all eight seasons within a couple months on NetFlix. And some of the seasons I even have watched twice. ANYway, I didn't put two and two together but Jana Kramer plays one of the main characters on the show! A girl named Alex Dupree!! I had absolutely NO idea! The girl who sings 'Why you wanna, show up in a, old t-shirt that I love...' was my favorite actress on my favorite show!! I was thrilled once I made the connection. I seriously obsessed over her and thought she was one of the prettiest people I had ever seen on this whole planet. The whole point of me being so excited about all this is... I GOT TO MEET HER!! It was the highlight of my week. She is definitely just as pretty in person! AND she told me she liked my outfit! haha I wanted to ask her if she wanted to hang out sometime! Anyway I was pretty excited about the whole thing so I had to share :)
So, here's me and my new BFF Jana
At her concert! (i totally didn't even care about the main band, once I found out who the opening was! sorry Josh)

  • Woke up and went into work for a few hours to help get some shipment out.
  • Got a few last minute things to send to Jordan. He FINALLY leaves for Mexico MONDAY morning!!! WAHOOO! :) I'm very excited for him. AND that I get to talk to him on the phone!! After TWO months. I'm stoked :)
he sent me this shirt from the MTC, he's already got me reppin his country!
  • We are now just getting ready to head up to Eden with The Brown family. We are spending the night at their cabin and then playing on the lake all day tomorrow, it should be way fun! I love family time.   
  • Play and boat all day at Pineview with the family.
  • Head into work at Bohme and close, (my last weekend working at Layton Bohme before I move! WEIRD.) 
  • Work in the morning and the hopefully (cross your fingers) get EVERYTHING else I need in order to move out and get started on packing!! I'm telling you, i'm so close, only a few odds and ends left!

The summer schedule is about to change... and quick. Less than TEN days until I move out! I just have to say I have been one very blessed girl and everything seems to be working out pretty great for me right now, and i'm pumped to start this next chapter in my life! 

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