Sep 11, 2012


Today I'm going on my third week up at USU, the past 2 have presented a ton of FIRST'S for me. On the FIRST day of school my classes started at 9:30. My professor has a British accent, and he dismissed class 40 minutes early... keep in mind that class is only 50 minutes long haha. I'm still not sure what the criteria for that class is... My second class is math. Intro to Logic and geometry, it's a lot more confusing then it sounds! I've always been okay with formulas, but now the whole purpose is to figure out WHY the formula works. My entire class has 1 boy in it... I guess that's what I get for going into El Ed though. On this schedule classes end at 11:20, it's great! This was also my FIRST day of being 19 years old. Yup, my birthday was on the first day of school! But I have the best family ever, my mom and sisters drove up from Kaysville, brought me flowers, cake, presents, and took me to dinner! 

They made my day! Plus when I got 'home' (or back to my dorm) My friends got me a present and flowers and cupcakes and balloons they seriously made my day pretty special. I love em!

The FIRST Sunday I stayed up here was my FIRST time going to a singles ward! The rumors are true... sacrament meeting has never been so quiet in my whole entire life! You could hear a pin drop... and if you had to sneeze or hic-up it felt like the entire congregation would just stare you down. Other then that I have really enjoyed going to my ward, the kids who go are there because they WANT to be. Mom and dad aren't here waking us up in the morning and threatening us if we don't go to church. I love the spirit that that brings! Everyone has such good input and in all my classes everyone participates willingly. I'm going to learn a lot I can already tell! And I made my FIRST Sunday dinner all by myself :) (mom sent me up with a pan of dumplings she had already prepared, I just had to pop them in the oven) but still everything else was on me! I felt pretty accomplished... I might become future wanted-wife-material someday after all! (After I get over my issue with raw meat) 

I attended my FIRST USU game as a student, being in the student section was so much fun! There is a lot of spirit going around. And last Friday USU beat Utah for the FIRST time in 15 years I think?? That was probably one of the funnest games I've ever been to! I'm developing some school spirit myself... It's definitely contagious. GO Aggies! 

I packed up some of my new-founded school spirit and sent my FIRST package to Mehico! Elder Carver is already going on his 4th week living across the border! On account of me being a new student, and an Aggie an all, I sent him a little 'Utah State' package. This is a learning experience but I found that if I keep his packages under 4 lbs, they are actually semi-affordable. Now I just have to pray that it gets to him, and the Jesus stickers I put all over the box will scare off any thieving Mexicans! 
This week he will be gone 3 months, time is starting to pick up! I'm just happy that he is having this experience, I know he's learning so much! He loves it! Mexico and the people. He says it's definitely as hot as people say and he sweats 24/7. So far he's only been sick a few times and had only one pit-pocketing run-in. If you asked him what his favorite food is, I guarantee it wouldn't be menudo (cow stomach) He has his first baptism on Saturday. I'm so proud of him and love hearing from him! 

Also, TODAY marks my little sister ALivia's FIRST day being 12! It's her birthday today! Let me just say some things about Livi,She is an angel. Always the one to jump up and help someone out! She is peaceful, she has always just done her own thing and is SO organized with everything! She is kind, sweet, and funny. She is one of a kind! She definitely has her own personality and is so quirky and cute! She has attitude and you'd be surprised how feisty she can get sometimes haha (probably why I've been told my whole life that she is a mini-me) I love her stinkin guts! She is BEAUTIFUL. Drop dead gorgeous. I'm jealous of how naturally pretty she is. And I can't believe she is 12! She is going to love Young Womens so much and she will add such a sweet spirit to the lives of all the girls she's going to meet. She has always been one of my best friends, and I miss her a lot! I hope she has the best day today, cause she deserves it! :) 

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