Apr 29, 2012

cereal problems and ironing solutions

no matter what kind of diet you are on,
we all enjoy a little 'late-night' cereal every now and then.
 so you pour yourself a yummy bowl of fruity pebbles.
and just as your finishing the last bite,
there is ALWAYS a little bit of left over milk.
just enough for a little more cereal to finish it off,
maybe lucky charms this time.
but of course as your pour your lucky charms you accidentally over-do it and get too much.
now there isn't enough milk, and you don't just want it to all go to waist.
so you have to pour yourself more milk so you can enjoy your cereal!
and as your finishing this second bowl...
you have left over milk again :/
and thus begins the ENDLESS cycle of cereal consuming.
please. Tell me i'm not the only one.

on another note...

I've heard of this idea tons of times but have never had the need to really try it out.

I bought a shirt from Bohme the other day,
(one I had just got done steaming to a perfect crisp smooth shirt by the way)
but by the time I decided to wear it and took it out of the shopping bag it looked like this...

I wish I owned the steamer we use at work...i'm telling you that thing works magic.
you just run the handle over the whole shirt and every wrinkle VANISHES.
even wrinkles you didn't even know were there, it's awesome really.
i'm completely mesmerized every time i use it
(p.s. that would be a great wedding gift for future reference ;)
and it TOTALLY beats ironing.

but since a 'steamer' was unavailable to me i thought i'd try out using my own kind of steam :)
I hung my shirt on a hanger in my bathroom,
and then took my usual hot, STEAMY shower...
and 10 minutes later,

vio' la!


I mean it isn't perfect.
but for not lifting a finger, i thought it turned out pretty good :)
definitely the easiest ironing i've ever done.

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