May 13, 2012

Heidi Ann

Heidi Ann(e) Anderson
(my mother has kindly let me know that for the past almost 19 years every time I've written her a note/card i spell her middle name wrong... there is no 'E'... and some how every time I have still managed to forget that)

I know what your all thinking on this beautiful sunny Mother's Day... that you have the best mom in the world.
 Well, i'm here to tell you that your are sorely mistaken.
I have THE best mother anyone could ask for in the whole wide universe!
It isn't even a competition and let me tell you why...
My mother has been through so much in her (short) lifetime of 41 years, and she has come out on top of it all!
She has done nothing but take the positive out of situations, she has a testimony that has grown SO strong.
I have recently been able to have some good talks with my mom and become closer to her, and understand her more and where she comes from. And it has just made my appreciation for her GROW so much more.
She is truly an amazing lady!
Throughout my life she has been the best example to me and my four siblings. She is constantly teaching us with her testimony and has our entire lives. If there is anyone who has an unwavering faith in the gospel it's my mom. Her integrity is divine. She is one who could proudly represent the 'YW' values, all eight of them because she really lives them all to the fullest. & I am SO grateful that I was born into her family, that I get to be the lucky daughter to learn from her kindness, and hopefully grow and develop a spirit just like hers.
My mom has always been so selfless, she puts herself second and always has. She is constantly concerned about the welfare of others, she wants other people to be happy!
A few years ago she was called to Girls Camp Director; and just to show the girls how much she cared and loved us she hand-made all 30 of us a 'value-quilt' So we could have something to wrap around us as a reminder of how important our values are. And how important it is to HER that we realize this.
And let me just tell you how many years it's been since she's gotten a new cell-phone because she willingly gives her updates to me and my siblings so we can have the newer, cooler phone. and she sticks with her old brick.
(except for just recently, she finally treated herself to the new iPhone, You deserve it mom!)
My mother is BEAUTIFUL. she is the prettiest lady I know inside and out.
 And she is my role-model.
She is so creative with everything she does, in the home, garden, with gifts, and decorations; i'm just praying to get some of that from her!
She is also very patient. Me and my siblings alone give her enough reason to pull her hair out, and she somehow manages to find the good in us.
I know that my mother truly loves me and wants the best for me. No one could ask for anything better than a mother who really cares. Looking back at all the times I thought she was being 'strict' or 'mean', and still sometimes getting in those situations, it's just a confirmation to me that she CARES about me. She wants me to make good decisions in life, the best decisions for me that will uplift me, and make me a better person.
She has always told me,
If something isn't strengthening your testimony, it's diminishing it. You're testimony is an alive and real thing, and it never just stays stagnant, it's either growing or dying. Never just staying the same.
So every day decisions are important! She has always encouraged me to do things that will help me grow and become closer to Christ.
Lets just say, I love my mom a lot. & I am so grateful for the relationship I have with her. I'm not saying it's perfect; we have our little bickers and fair share of disagreements. But at the end of the day I'm so glad we are close enough to be honest with each other! I know I can always rely on her, and she will ALWAYS be a best friend to me. We have so much in common, and I know she can understand me and comfort me through my struggles more than anyone else. (except Jesus of course)
God knows us all so well that I know there is a reason he sent me to my mother.
honestly there is a reason he sent ALL of us to our mothers. I know I said mine was the best in the whole universe; but every one's mother is probably the best to them too. mothers do so much for us it's unreal. It's a good thing there is a whole day set aside to honor and love them.
So everyone better have written a note or bought them some flowers, because they deserve to know that we appreciate everything they do.
 I'm so blessed to have mine and i Love her SO much!!

Look how cute..
my mom got this necklace for HER mothers day present to ME!
She told me to wear it at Utah State, and always remember her when I do!
trust me, nothing will remind me more of mom than a cute little owl.
(she's kind of obsessed haha)
I love it :)

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