Jan 10, 2012


what is happening??
Last I checked this was
What happened to the
 'so called'
easy, no-stress lifestyle?

Maybe i'm being over-dramatic but the last few weeks my brain has been a stress case! 
I've always been the least 'busy' person, with time on my hands to paint, craft, nails, blog, read, date, bake,
pretty much i could fit in whatever i wanted.

Then out of NO where there are a million
papers to write
notebooks to create
presentations to prepare
finals to study for
scholarships to apply for
online classes with deadlines
seminary to make-up
working at both of my jobs
keep my room clean during all of this...

slow down please!!

When am I suppose to find time to learn how to crochet before winter is over?

Good news is I'm pretty sure atleast half of this chaos will be eliminated with the end of this term, two more days!
Then I can begin the list of things that i actually WANT to be working on :)

thank heavens for blog venting... I feel better already.

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