Jan 13, 2012

mind boggled

One of the best creations in life has to be the SMOOTHIE
whoever invented it is pure genius.

As I was making myself a brunch smoothie today though
a very serious question started to haunt me...

Why is it that on a normal day I grab a half of a banana for breakfast
and it completely fills me up?
I'm stuffed!

BUT if I choose to drink a smoothie

A banana and a half
half a cup of blueberries
half a cup of yogurt
a tablespoon of lemon juice
and... OK (a scoop of ice-cream)

They fill me up the exact same?!?!?!
Something can't be right about that.
that's a LOT of food!
Why does it seem like so much less just because it's blended?
It's still the same substances... just in a different form, right?
If I were to try and eat all those foods prior to blending... there is no way I could!
Either I'm missing something or smoothies are a pure trick to make me fatter.

Well either way I'm not willing to give them up.
So I'll just have to continue to be mind boggled and sip on my smoothie.

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