Oct 19, 2011

when i grow up...

right now i'm interning for a little 2nd grade class,
This is the halloween art project I did with the kids...
"Halloween Masks"
SOOOO cute!
Those kids have some pretty creative ideas, not even kidding.
Some of the stuff they came up with was REALLY impressive!
I'm loving my intern! I'm working with a really nice teacher who's patient
with showing me how things work, and lets me try doing things with the
kids! I'm hoping to intern for a 6th grade class next sememster so I
can get some variety and see what I like! so far.. so good!:)
(not to mention i'm receiving countless pictures and notes from
the kids every day, there is seriously nothing better!)

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  1. so cute you are the best teacher! i love you:)


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