Mar 5, 2017

PUERTO RICO: my favorite place in the world

Maybe it's because I've been cooped up on a little teeny island for 6 months, or maybe because I haven't really been all that many places in the world or MAYBE Puerto Rico is just simply the best?? 

Seriously all I can say is, it is my favorite. & for many more reasons than one. 
It has been a fun little escape thats just a hop skip and a step away from St. Thomas.
Flights are cheap, oh so convenient. 
Why is it my favorite? Because I feel like it is ALL my other favorite places in the world wrapped into one. It has a good mix of everything to keep your senses alert. 
The quaint streets of Old San Juan feel like Italy, the ocean is beautiful and you are in the caribbean so there's that, it has the only rainforest in the "us" and is sooooo rad to hike around, tons of excursion options for the extremists and to fit all your outdoorsy needs, the Old Forts have so much history and amazing architecture, everyone is soooo nice and customer service is a thing!! (Trust me there are places where it is not a thing.) You can drive to the amazing caverns PLUS after all that you can go to the mall and cheesecake factory after your day because it's so modernized.
So there. It's my fav. 
Really though, we've had so much fun every time we've gone and have come away with the best memories and wishing we had MORE time because there are still things that we haven't checked off our Puerto Rico to-do list. 

Here is a PHOTO DUMP because there are just oh so many. 
And I think my official Puerto Rico travel guide will be posted soon! :) Because yes i'm that excited about this place and I really want to share the goodness.  

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