Nov 2, 2016

Fall in the Islands

Fall is my favorite, and it is not happenin here!! I feel like I'm just skipping the entire year and living in a long summer and when I move home we'll just pick up where we left off haha. 

Halloween was the first of our interesting Holidays spent in the islands. We had work and dressed up with our interns... and all the tourists probably thought we were crazy because it's not like they are paying attention to what day it is! Also our local coworkers definitely thought we were crazy and weren't afraid to let us know haha - they don't really do halloween.
Oh- and they especially thought I was crazy when one of our local employees was yelling at me from across the store because my kitty cat tail had caught on to the back of my dress and I was just flashing everyone!!!! hahaha so embarrassing. Good thing I wasn't wearing my matching leopard undies ;)

Our branch president had us over that night with a few other families from the branch and we ate snacks and laughed and feel so lucky to have good people to call friends here! Everyone has such a great story.

Also, I learned how to bake my first pie! It's not pretty and i'm definitely peeling off the apple skins next time but hey- it's a start! And made me feel at least a little festive :)

 It has been pretty rainy the past few weeks and even though it's still a warm humid rain and doesn't cool anything off I secretly like it!! It's seriously killin me people to not be able to pull out my chunky sweaters and scarfs and boots. It sounds dumb but i've always gotten SOOO excited for fall for that specific reason!! I'm just living through all my cute friends pictures on instagram and refraining from online shopping haha.

I'm missing fall, but how often do you take a selfie with a sea turtle in November... we are having so much fun and really do love our adventure here. :) The only thing that would make it better was if our fams could join us cause DANG I MISS THEM. Lucky to have such an amazing family worth missing so much. 

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