Oct 23, 2016

it's all in the little things

Hi there.

Marry someone who is into the little things!!
It's all in the little things people. 
Moving to the Virgin Islands has been amaaaazing and has opened up so many opportunities for Jord and I to do fun things, meet new people and expand our experiences!! It's been awesome.
But it's also been hard!! It's come with a completely new culture that I don't know if i'll ever get use to, a case of missing fall, and even though I hate being cold... it's like, always hot. 

And i've unfortunately found myself being so. impatient. with. my. poor. hubby.
WHY?!? Because our blood is literally always boiling maybe?? I don't know haha. 
But today i've found myself regretting all my snippy comments and dirty looks over stupid things because I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR JORDAN. 
It could bring me to tears!!! WHAT would I do without him?! He's a gem. 
I'm so blessed. And lucky to be loved by someone who is willing to work through my imperfections with me and even when I am the one being outrageous asks, "What can I do to make this better for you?" 

Marry someone like that people. BE someone like that. I'm working on it, and I know i've got a ways to go! 

Marry someone who will, without a second thought wear your HOT PINK goggles and snorkel because it is leaking and let's you wear the one that is comfortable and working.

It's allll the little things. And i'm so grateful Jord does those little things for me. 
I was SO grateful this Sunday to sit next to my hubby and feel the sweet spirit in our little branch. And even though I get makeup all over his white shirt (because it literally just sweats off of you) he still lets me lay my head on his shoulder. 

Grateful that together we set goals and encourage each other to reach them, and help each other continue to strengthen our testimonies and become better people. 
I've realized HOW important it is to have that strong foundation and someone who will be a ROCK and help you throughout this crazy life and all the adventures that come with it. 
It would be so hard if one of us wasn't constantly lifting the other person up. 
So, marry that person. Be that person.

And those are my thoughts I just had to share haha. Happy Sunday!! 

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