Jul 3, 2014

a month of gelato

You could basically call me a gelato expert.

While I was in Italy the doctor prescribed one gelato a day, SOMETIMES more!
but really, if the opportunity presents itself, I advise to take full advantage! ;) 

favorite flavor >

nastiest flavor >
salted caramel 

best combo >
peaches & cream

WORST combo >
kiwi & tiramisu … GAG me.

mostly craved >
chocolatey flavors

prime location >
Rassio di Luna Gelateria at the Cinque Terre

surprisingly good >
Viagra (tasted like a vanilla tootsie roll)

currently craving >
chocolate & banana 

happy 4th tomorrow, celebrate with some gelato!

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  1. There really is nothing like Italian Gelato! I spent 9 days in Italy a few summers ago, and man... i could not get enough gelato! I loved the raspberry.. strawberry and pineapple were also pretty high up there. just found your blog and am excited to follow along!


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