Jul 3, 2014

2 years is nothing

so three and a half weeks later and i'm finally getting around to uploading these pics.
nothing too special, some blurry iPhone pics but GOSH special to me! 
everyone says that this is the best hug ever, and it was at the time.. but they keep getting better.
TWO YEARS!?!? Thats all I can keep saying to myself. 

waiting for a missionary (so weird that i'm saying that past-tense) was hard, exhausting, confusing, sad, lonely, frustrating, but beside all that it was so rewarding and sincerely brought joy at so many times. I wouldn't trade these past two years for ANYTHING. I truly know I had a chance to grow and to find myself, and two years of love letters?? I mean, who gets that!? ;) basically i've felt every emotion from the sinking titanic to it's a small world at Disneyland and everything in between and how could i not consider that a blessing of a growing experience? easy to say now though, HE'S HOME.
and it's like he never left. 

today is the day holy crap holy crap when did this happen. what should i do.
i'll just lay here for a while.
GAHH i'm so excited.
i guess i'll shower now, but not get ready yet because i want to be fresh.
okay, showered. now what.
so bored, wait is today really the day??
pedicures. THANK YOU MOM. great idea.
he's probably in the US again now!! Will he call me during his lay over?
scribble some posters together with his sisters. why do i feel kind of numb.
no emotions right now.
i'm hungry but BLAH nothing sounds good.
okay, i'm officially sick to my stomach.
time to get ready.
eep. random rushes of excitment.
where is my shirt… WHERE IS MY SHIRT.
where are my pants. gosh someone help me find my pants.
Is this outfit ok, simple enough but still cute? I don't want to over do it. Is this shirt too cheesy? He remembers i'm corny... right? Whatever who cares I can't think straight anyway. 
still sick to my stomach… oh the NERVES.
Whoo, here we go. We go in the car. thanks for driving mom and dad.
… but don't tease me right now because I just burst into tears for no good reason.
whyyyyy am i so nervous? I changed my mind, take me home!!
first group of people at the airport… breathe jessica.
his family shows up, WHAT took you guys so long??
Okay, calm the freak down i'm acting like a spaz.
waiting, waiting, waiting.
his flight landed.. GAHASFASDFASDFASDFJKL.
seriously?? just waited for 2 years come the heck down the escalator
.… still waiting.
NO I don't want to stand in front.
…. still waiting.
k whats taking so long i'm not even excited anymore.
awhhhhh my heart is melting, oh yay FINALLY.
Wait, did he just make eye contact with me? I think he did!! :)
Nerves? gone.
When is it my turn, when is it my turn?
haha what is that face? AH you're so cute.
"Ah i love you so much, thanks for waiting for me, thank you! we did it!"

the hug that I had spent 2 years trying to memorize, mentally holding on to it for sooo long, the smell, feelings, touch, everything, all mine again. 

I waited for my missionary!! That's MY love story, and i'm sticking to it. :)

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  1. I LOVE THIS!!! So cute Jess. And sooo happy for you!!!


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