Feb 25, 2014

i should delete this post

you know when you just feel kind of crazy sometimes?? Like your chest keeps tightening up so you think you have anxiety but you don't know what about except, I guess it could be from the mountain of homework and lesson plans and papers that are due, not to mention all the crazy huge things that are rapidly approaching in your life. and just feeling totally inept. But my body systems definitely think that i'm more stressed than my brain thinks I am, does that make sense? (I keep trying to tell it that we are fine!) but all you wanna do is just forget it all and watch the bachelor (and be thankful your dating life, even if it doesn't exist still isn't as lame as some peoples) and just be skinny but still eat all the cookie dough in the world. GAHH! Sometimes you have to scream. I'm not kidding I feel like i'm screaming right now in my head just typing this. And it kind of feels nice, but i'm laughing at the same time because life is just oh so good, just totally crazy. especially right now. and now I could probably cry. good heavens whats going on people. It's only Tuesday? yikes. silly emotions and hormones. what the heck are they thinking? like calm down. (forgive me for not writing this rant in my private journal, but sometimes thats what blogs are good for.)

^PS. that little white scar on my right leg is a battle wound from jumping (& falling) on a pogo-stick in the fifth grade.^

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