Feb 5, 2014

custom valentines

custom, they speak for themselves.

C H E E S E Y is always a must in my books, seriously it must be embraced! The dorkier/cheesier/mushier the better. ohhh i love, love month.

ps we got some of julia too, but she didn't like them and forbade me to post :(

for a little laugh:

I attended my assigned elementary school for the semester for the first time today, i'm working with 5th graders. I was in the library, helping three students take a timed test. The timer was going, and all was well until the librarian looked over and asked if we were taking a test? I told her we were… and she continued to get quite angry and ask that we all work at separate tables, and that we should have known that, and a spill of other lectures… so awkwardly after being scolded I asked the students to all find a different table and I would start their time over. As I was giving instructions the librarian gasped… and realized I wasn't a fifth grade student.

She apologized and told me we were just fine and to continue on, and we both felt a little awkward after that. come on, FIFTH grader??? I found it a bit ridiculous but maybe I should take a few years off, until I at least look older than 12 years old apparently. 

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