Jul 24, 2013

growing since 1965

it's always a good time with my Anderson clan. this group is the reason why I am grateful for eternal families. anderson family reunion was spent these last three days up at heber valley camp! And no offense to past girls camps which were super fun, but it was at least 95% more enjoyable with the family ;) 
Food, crafts, volleyball, hikes, food, canoes, upset tummies, paddle boats, more food, testimony meetings, campfires, challenge courses, tics, have I mentioned food, nature, tics, swimming, flowers, genuine family bonding time. 
Whatever the activity, it's sure to be done with a smile. I'm so grateful for my grandma and grandpa who have been the best examples of making family a priority, and to focus on the things that will really bring us true joy out of life. I love them to pieces. Prepare yourself, I have a thousand pictures like always. But I just can't help to not document these priceless memories! Hope you all had a fantastic 24th of July! Happy Pioneer Day. :) 

Truly, truly facing my fears.

This sweet mamma of mine.

Our lanterns. (plus a tender moment accidentally captured in the back ground.)

These adorable home-made lanterns?
glass jars
tissue paper
(with a small candle placed inside after modge-podge has dried)

 Ah, these two.

Our own little sacred grove.

Stinging nettle makes for a real pretty field.

Love these love-birds.

And it all started with these two. 
Growing since 1965. 
I hope to a family just like theirs one day.

Thanks to my beautiful Aunt (who looks more like my little sister) Emily, for planning this fun reunion for everyone to enjoy. Seriously, your hard work paid off!!!


  1. I love your post!! I'm seriously crying right now!! Great times for sure!! love you, Emily

    1. Awh thanks Emily!
      This was all because of you!! You planned a great reunion :)
      Love you.

  2. Utah is just the prettiest of places, isn't it? This looks like so much fun! And those floral pants of yours are the cutest! You look so great and so does your family! I love big families :)

    Tightrope to the Sun

    1. Yes Utah is so beautiful! Thank you so much :) And yes, I sure do love them! :)


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