Jul 16, 2013

beat the heat

Hey, it may not be Huntington Beach but when it is 100 plus degrees outside our local little pine view will do just fine! :) I've grown up with it only being a 40 minute drive away and have spent many summers boating, having picnics, sunbathing, and watching romantic sunsets on the "beach" haha. Definitely a beat-the-heat go to. So no, the water may not be aqua blue, (and actually you can't even see your toes if your standing in it, yuck) and there ARE tales of the deathly tiger-muskees, but it is one of those places that holds special memories for me. We all have them right? 
I was lucky enough to have my two littlest sisters come hang out at the beach with my friends the other day. Honestly love them so much and wouldn't trade them for the world! 
(and lets be honest this was actually a few weeks ago.)
 yikes. Blogging has pretty much been the last thing on my mind lately, I'm a busy girl! But this semester is super close to being done and I take the praxis math AGAIN at the end of this month, third time is a charm... right?! It better be haha. Fall semester starts at the end of August, and you guys i'm crossing my fingers and toes that I will figure out a place to go for spring semester... abroad! I'm going to make it happen, watch me. Which is, most definitely out of my comfort zone. Jessica, going out of the country and living there by herself for four months?? It's unheard of. I barely lasted one semester living ONE HOUR away! But i'm a little older and wiser now?? haha not really, but I really do want to make this happen, and i'm super excited. (so does anyone please want to come with me?) 
Also, my family is bomb. So I am taking my CHF final early for them, AND  a math test this week so I can go to the... ANDERSON FAMILY REUNION next week. Heck ya! Pretty much, I have a lot of studying to do. I've grounded myself from my phone for the next two days until i'm done. (I'll never admit that instagram stalking waists any of my time but... lets be honest) 

Okay, study break over! Good thing I just gave you a great idea of how to beat-the-heat now that it's been overcast and stormy for the past week. 

(ps. Emma Phelps nominated my blog for a Liebster Award, how sweet is she? And I promise when I have these tests out of my hair I will respond to it and answer her questions.) :)


  1. I love Pine View :) And your pictures are terrific as always :)


  2. Hey cutie! I nominated you for a Liebster award! Check out my post for details. :)


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