Apr 29, 2012

cereal problems and ironing solutions

no matter what kind of diet you are on,
we all enjoy a little 'late-night' cereal every now and then.
 so you pour yourself a yummy bowl of fruity pebbles.
and just as your finishing the last bite,
there is ALWAYS a little bit of left over milk.
just enough for a little more cereal to finish it off,
maybe lucky charms this time.
but of course as your pour your lucky charms you accidentally over-do it and get too much.
now there isn't enough milk, and you don't just want it to all go to waist.
so you have to pour yourself more milk so you can enjoy your cereal!
and as your finishing this second bowl...
you have left over milk again :/
and thus begins the ENDLESS cycle of cereal consuming.
please. Tell me i'm not the only one.

on another note...

I've heard of this idea tons of times but have never had the need to really try it out.

I bought a shirt from Bohme the other day,
(one I had just got done steaming to a perfect crisp smooth shirt by the way)
but by the time I decided to wear it and took it out of the shopping bag it looked like this...

I wish I owned the steamer we use at work...i'm telling you that thing works magic.
you just run the handle over the whole shirt and every wrinkle VANISHES.
even wrinkles you didn't even know were there, it's awesome really.
i'm completely mesmerized every time i use it
(p.s. that would be a great wedding gift for future reference ;)
and it TOTALLY beats ironing.

but since a 'steamer' was unavailable to me i thought i'd try out using my own kind of steam :)
I hung my shirt on a hanger in my bathroom,
and then took my usual hot, STEAMY shower...
and 10 minutes later,

vio' la!


I mean it isn't perfect.
but for not lifting a finger, i thought it turned out pretty good :)
definitely the easiest ironing i've ever done.

Apr 5, 2012

YES to prom

The end of high school is seriously coming fast you guys.
I'm SO excited! and... getting a little nervous.
it's pretty much gonna come down to me needing a crash course on grocery shopping and cooking :/
Why didn't I help mom in the kitchen more? I'm great with treats... but freshmen fifteen is NOT part of the plan. so living off cookies, cupcakes, cake-pops, and ice-cream is outta the question!! my days of ritz crackers with icing for lunch are long gone. haha

and did i mention,
third term I got my VERY FIRST
haha wahoo!!
except i would probably feel a little bit more accomplished if my classes were somewhat difficult this semester. but nonetheless, 4.0!! :)

 with high school coming to an end,
 Utah State
is right around the corner! 
Me and a few friends I'm going be living with went up to visit campus the other week. And good news, it actually was pretty warm! So I discovered first hand that regardless of what everyone is telling me it's not ALWAYS freezing cold. actually it made me way excited to move up there! Everyone on campus was so friendly, and the mountains up there are BEAUTIFUL. it really was a great atmosphere!
(Or maybe i'm just a giddy freshmen... who's just excited for everything)
the only problem besides not getting lost on the buses (which of course happened to us)
was the closet in my room :/ really?? they could of spared a little more room for those... these things are like 2 ft wide. . . no exaggeration. and there is NO way half my clothes are going to fit. So if anyone has any great ideas for storing clothes it would be greatly appreciated.  cause i'm either going to have to get really creative or donate all my stuff to the Julia hand-me-down fund. Trust me I prefer the first option, so help!

Well next week, April 14th, is my very last PROM
and besides cotillion,
this is my last high school dance!

And since Easter is in a few days I decided to answer my date (Kyle Green) with an Easter Egg hunt!
Who knew it would be so hard to come up with a few silly rhymes.. haha

I put each clue in a plastic Easter egg, and gave the first egg to his mom, so she could give it to him.
Then placed the rest around his house where they belong!

His mom-
 If you want to know whether I say YES or NO
hop outside to where your mail can come or go.

mail box-
I bet all that hopping made you hungry!
Go to the place where you fill your tummy!

Easter is getting closer and so is your answer!
If your good at shooting hoops, your probably not a dancer.

basketball hoop-
I love this warm weather and the bright sun.
this jumpy place is where bunnies have fun!

Turn up the heat, it will help you bake
cookies, casserole, and a carrot cake!

When it gets late and you turn out the light
this is where you'll be found after prom night.

on his bed-
I'm SO 'EGG'-cited for prom!

I made a little 'easter basket' to put on his bed for the last clue, and the last egg with the 'YES' in it was in the basket. It all turned out pretty cute! I bought everything at the dollar store so the whole thing ended up being under only 8 dollars!