Dec 1, 2011

can you say WIND?

 Today, I think, has been THE windiest day of my existence! It started with the power flickering out early this morning. As I was ON TIME to seminary me and Julia could barely walk in the doors! Like that one digestion commercial or something where everyone walks at a diaganol, thats how it was! In seminary, POWER OUT. Back at the school the power was flickering on and off, finally they dismissed classes and had us on lock down until 10:30. Driving back to my house was a sad mess. Literally dodging trampolines, trash cans, and trees. My light little truck barely made it on all fours to say the least. Saddest part about all of this... all the pretty trees. :(  
These pictures don't show justice. I had to hurry and take them on my phone as I was driving by... but it's like this everywhere. sad.

But a good thing about today besides no school...
November is over and not once in the past 31 days have I touched a hair dryer or straightener.
and... it was EASY
(i can't say my hair is way long now.. but its super soft and looking pretty healthy)

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