Dec 4, 2011

"breakfast with santa"

The boys and girls club  hosted  a Christmas party for it's members on Saturday. My intern teacher told us about it, and also made a deal with us that if we volunteered our time it would take place of our term project. She has been volunteering for years and said we wouldn't be disappointed.
 She was right!
We met at the Roy Municipal building Saturday morning, where a huge breakfast was being prepared. The kids' buses started arriving and after they ate breakfast we were paired up with a child, and helped them browse through donated gifts to find one present for each person in their family. After we wrapped their presents, we took them to see Santa and helped them reunite with their parent, or grandparent.

It sounds simple, but really it was such a good experience! I was truly touched by the gratitude of the kids and their families. One of the girls I was assisting was a high school student, my age. At first I felt really awkward, and was worried about how she would feel with a girl her same age helping her out with this. I realized, after getting to know her better, that someone as humble as her doesn't have those worries. I grew an instant love for her, and for her example to me. She was honestly just there so she could have a Christmas to share with her family, and she was SO grateful. She told me so many times thanks for my help, and merry Christmas, and how nice I was. She was the last girl I helped, and I came home crying. There is just something right about that kind of attitude, and she had such a sweet spirit.
I thank Mrs. Peterson for encouraging me to attend this event, and I highly recommend that if you haven't had the chance, to volunteer! There are so many places that need volunteers, you can really make a difference, and it is definitely worth it for the experience.

I have another amazing story...
So last year I tied fleece blankets. I turned them into my school (DHS) for them to donate.
I didn't know where they were going to be donated to, I just thought some shelter or something but was never sure.
Look what I found on Saturday... 
That's MY blanket I tied! I PROMISE.
It was set out on one of the tables to be chosen for a gift!
How cool is that! I never thought I'd see it again, and there it was at the boys and girls club event I just happened to be at.
I'm glad to know that even if it is a year later my blanket is being put to some good use!

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