Oct 23, 2016

it's all in the little things

Hi there.

Marry someone who is into the little things!!
It's all in the little things people. 
Moving to the Virgin Islands has been amaaaazing and has opened up so many opportunities for Jord and I to do fun things, meet new people and expand our experiences!! It's been awesome.
But it's also been hard!! It's come with a completely new culture that I don't know if i'll ever get use to, a case of missing fall, and even though I hate being cold... it's like, always hot. 

And i've unfortunately found myself being so. impatient. with. my. poor. hubby.
WHY?!? Because our blood is literally always boiling maybe?? I don't know haha. 
But today i've found myself regretting all my snippy comments and dirty looks over stupid things because I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR JORDAN. 
It could bring me to tears!!! WHAT would I do without him?! He's a gem. 
I'm so blessed. And lucky to be loved by someone who is willing to work through my imperfections with me and even when I am the one being outrageous asks, "What can I do to make this better for you?" 

Marry someone like that people. BE someone like that. I'm working on it, and I know i've got a ways to go! 

Marry someone who will, without a second thought wear your HOT PINK goggles and snorkel because it is leaking and let's you wear the one that is comfortable and working.

It's allll the little things. And i'm so grateful Jord does those little things for me. 
I was SO grateful this Sunday to sit next to my hubby and feel the sweet spirit in our little branch. And even though I get makeup all over his white shirt (because it literally just sweats off of you) he still lets me lay my head on his shoulder. 

Grateful that together we set goals and encourage each other to reach them, and help each other continue to strengthen our testimonies and become better people. 
I've realized HOW important it is to have that strong foundation and someone who will be a ROCK and help you throughout this crazy life and all the adventures that come with it. 
It would be so hard if one of us wasn't constantly lifting the other person up. 
So, marry that person. Be that person.

And those are my thoughts I just had to share haha. Happy Sunday!! 

Oct 18, 2016

weekend in puerto rico

WE LOVE PUERTO RICO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Puerto Rico was SO much fun!! We loved walking through the cutest colorful streets of Old San Juan, learning the history, being submerged in the beautiful rainforest, eating amazing food. We love it there, end of story. Busy season for the cruise ships and therefore our stores is right around the corner so Jord and I decided to go on a little weekend getaway with all of our interns on one of our last four day weekends! We stayed in the cutest airbnb that was perfect for all 7 of us and rented a minivan and literally spent every minute we were there doing SOMETHING exciting. We waisted no time. Some of our highlights included eating at Chili's and Cheesecake factory. Some good old american grub was MUCH needed and so these hit the spot I wanted to cry!!! On our last day there we FINALLY ate at an authentic restaurant called Raises. Jordan couldn't believe that he got outvoted for Chili's and Cheesecake factory the first two nights while we were all the way in Puerto Rico haha. #travelingwith6whitegirlprobs

So, we did actually do more than eat while we were there. The first day we explored the El Yunque Rainforest. We went on two hikes. One of them led to a waterfall that surprisingly Jordan talked me into swimming in with him. The other hike led to an ancient tower that overlooked the rainforest. It was BEAUTIFUL. Seriously gorgeous. I've been missing those pines and golden leaves right about now but the rich vegetation, giant ferns and vines made up for it I guess :)

The second day we went on THE COOLEST EXCURSION I HAVE EVER DONE IN MY LIFE. We went river trekking up the mountain, rock climbing, and hiking. When we got to the top we repelled down an 80 ft waterfall and then took 5 different zip lines to get the rest of the way down! It was one of the most beautiful places I have ever been! I was in heaven. We were hiking through this river that was running down the mountain and was crystal clear and I would just stop and look around me and couldn't believe what I was seeing. Loved it. Sadly we didn't get any pictures from this because it was POURING on us the entire time. But I mean hey what do you expect when you are in the rainforest, right? :) Jord did get some cool footage on his go pro though so there will be a short video coming soon! 

It was pretty windy the entire time we were there- hence the hair in face pictures- but we didn't let it slow us down, we loved our time there and it's safe to say that Puerto Rico, we will be back.