Apr 17, 2016

puerto vallarta, the good stuff

So although we did get jipped of the first two days of our vacation, we were totally spoiled the rest of the week! We had a great time, stayed at a really nice resort, and were able to relax and enjoy our tropical vacay :) 

The second day we were there we went on an excursion with Jordan's cousins! We took a boat 2 hours out to an island, swam through a cave to get to a "hidden beach," bird watched, snorkeled, kayaked, and paddle boarded! Plus had lunch and endless virgin drinks on the boat!

PS, confession. I stayed on the boat while they snorkeled. i'mma whimp.

Our view for breakfast wasn't too bad.

The resort was like a mini city, these trails took you to hundreds of different pools, restaurants, beaches, and activities!

Painting pottery. Note to self: Next time go with your husband's choice of a salsa bowl with peppers on it.... not the ugly vase :( :(. 

Enjoying a little sunset by the infinity pool... super romantic. But really it was breathtaking.

Again with Jordan's cousins on one of the days we ventured out to Sayulita!! Such a fun little surf town. Great waves!! And the cutest pom poms you ever did see lining the streets!! Not to mention, we LITERALLY ordered ceviche, chips & salsa, fish tacos, chicken quesedillas, AND coke for the EXACT SAME price as one fish taco on our resort. dang cranked up prices!

and enjoyed some yummy fresh fruit gelato!

Confession numbre dos: Jordan boogied... while i'll laid on the beach and watched. WHIMP. 

The boys went golfing on one of the days. (actually like every day) haha but on one of those days the girls got SO pampered at the spa. I have had one massage prior to this in my life and it was NOT a good experience and I never wanted to go back. But Ronda changed my mind on that ;) It literally was the most relaxing amazing calming experience ever. And before and after the massage Ronda, (massage therapist) kept telling me, "you deserve this, you are so important! this is all for you!" ahhh it was great. And then we relaxed out in a quiet garden afterwards. :)

Crepes & waffles for dessert from a little crepe shop on the resort!! My waffle was not as good as it looked. Don't be fooled. Nothing compares to Bruges. 

Also, oops. trying to take the picture and display my cute waffle and it slid right off the plate hahah.

We went to a FIESTA on the beach one night! An unlimited buffet of tacos and elote and burritos and tamales and smoothies and more!!! And boy did we eat our money's worth. (Which was a lot)

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