Apr 6, 2015


hope you all had a wonderful easter!! 
i'm currently feeling the sugar hangover right about now…
watching conference and munching on easter goodies is about as good as it gets!! 

PS if you're like me and had to work all day saturday (boo) you can still catch up on the conference sessions! So grateful for modern technology LDS.ORG
(good thing we've got plenty of left over candy to last us through saturdays missed sessions;))

well my hubby is the best
tulips are my fav
and i have THE greatest family EVER.

speaking of, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my beautiful mom.
She is SO beautiful inside & out. 
She is THE most selfless person I know. Hands down. I PRAY I can become like her!
She is loving, fun, caring, and oh. so. thoughtful. she wants others around her happy all the time and goes that extra mile to make sure everyone is always taken care of! 
Jord can attest that she has made sure our first few months of marriage have been so comfortable always making sure we are doing good and serving us every single day in one way or another! 
I admire and look up to her with my whole heart.
HOW LUCKY am I to have the best mother in the whole wide world?! 

I love you mom! I love you more!! 

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