Aug 19, 2014

the works

venue shopping and caterer taste-testing.

(or just a good excuse to eat at Bruges) :)

either way wouldn't want to plan my special day with anyone else

Aug 15, 2014


w y b m b m
will you be my bridesmaid 

pda at the ranch

whoops, jord has never been one for pda of any sort but i try to trick him now by saying since he's my fiancé it's REALLY okay to steal a few kisses even if people are watching. but i mean c'mon i'll do anything for a few kisses.

PS we spent the most beautiful week up in Wyoming at his bil's ranch which included all sorts of fun outdoorsy adventures that i realize i'm never going to be able to avoid ever again for the rest of my life. ;) no, i love the outdoors i really do. promise.


< & spent TWELVE hours, i kid you not, today working with my sweet mamma trying to find the perfect venue. (curse my picky taste) including driving from layton to bountiful and everywhere in between and even crashing a wedding in my shorts and sunglasses just to scope the place out. 

but, in moments of stress all i have to do is remember that the real important part of my special day is the part where i'm sealed to my best friend for all eternity. nothing else really matters, and thinking of forever with him just makes the bride-zilla part of me smile, and laugh at myself for worrying about such minor details in comparison to an eternity with number 1.

(but seriously… 12 hours people? I have an angel mom, I don't know how I got so lucky.)

Aug 5, 2014

meet my fiancé

hi. what a hunk^^ right??

the most genuine, caring, loving, sweet man.
i've had a super crush on him since my little 8th grade self couldn't hardly wait to cuddle during american idol every tuesday night & ever since that first cookie dough fight, and getting insta butterflies when i'd see my phone light up with a text from "jordan carver"
my little crush grew and lets be honest, i've been waiting a lot longer than two years to marry the guy i am madly in love with.

you know it's love when you are excited out of your mind to have an actual winter wedding!
November 29, 2014.

Aug 4, 2014

we're engaged!

Big Bear, in California
GORGEOUS. You feel like you are in Park City, Montana, and California all at the same time.
green trees, pretty cabins, big lake, so romantic, and a mini downpour but that's just a minor detail ;)

we came upon the friendliest pilot to take us on a helicopter tour!! how cool! 
seriously it was rad, i felt like i was floating in this little tiny bubble.. and the views were BEAUTIFUL. We were flying over the lake, and the mountains, and i was taking a million pictures, looking out my window and saying, holy cow this is amazing! 
jord said my name and looked at me, and told me that the pilot's head set was turned off so he couldn't hear us.
then said the sweetest, most kind, beautiful words that made me cry and laugh and smile all at the same time, and asked me to be his wife!!
some kissing just might have taken place in the back of that little helicopter. 
I'm so happy!!!! We celebrated with a beautiful walk around the lake, making out and even getting told to get a room, pizza, ice-cream of course, and a little private guitar concert at The Village in Big Bear City ;)

the best day ever!!! i'm in heaven you guys. and so so excited to start planning a wedding. 

i feel way too young and can't believe it's all happening and that I just made the hugest eternal commitment of my life and we know we are taking a giant leap of faith, but i've never been more happy and confident that i'm doing the right thing :)

^^ side note: my real engagement ring coming soon :)