Aug 15, 2014

pda at the ranch

whoops, jord has never been one for pda of any sort but i try to trick him now by saying since he's my fiancé it's REALLY okay to steal a few kisses even if people are watching. but i mean c'mon i'll do anything for a few kisses.

PS we spent the most beautiful week up in Wyoming at his bil's ranch which included all sorts of fun outdoorsy adventures that i realize i'm never going to be able to avoid ever again for the rest of my life. ;) no, i love the outdoors i really do. promise.


< & spent TWELVE hours, i kid you not, today working with my sweet mamma trying to find the perfect venue. (curse my picky taste) including driving from layton to bountiful and everywhere in between and even crashing a wedding in my shorts and sunglasses just to scope the place out. 

but, in moments of stress all i have to do is remember that the real important part of my special day is the part where i'm sealed to my best friend for all eternity. nothing else really matters, and thinking of forever with him just makes the bride-zilla part of me smile, and laugh at myself for worrying about such minor details in comparison to an eternity with number 1.

(but seriously… 12 hours people? I have an angel mom, I don't know how I got so lucky.)

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