Jun 28, 2012


Summa summa time. almost one third of the way over!
Is it selfish of me to hope that it goes by fast?? that, lets be real the next TWO years just zoom by??
haha you guessed it, I miss Jordan!
But honestly, I have been doing SO okay.
I truly feel that somehow I have been blessed,
he's been gone for two weeks since yesterday and since then, I have definetely felt more happiness than sadness. I thought that these were going to be the hardest times for me, and  I have been so comforted! I owe it to friends and family and neighbors who have been so supportive and know just what to say! and over all, prayers! I know Heavenly Father has heard my prayers in asking that I would be a positive person about this, and seriously it feels like magic cause I feel on top of the world.

But who cares about how i'm doing. He's the one on this huge adventure! I have recieved two letters so far... they seriously are like a little 'positive energy-drink' and give me the hugest boost that makes me believe I can be okay until the next one I get!
so about Elder Carver:
He says his schedule is SO packed! He is doing something every second! and he is ALWAYS tired, but he LOVES that he has so much time to study, and to read.
He says his companion is a little goofy, kind of like 'The Best Two Years' guy haha, but he loves him and says he is a way hard worker and has a good heart; and they get along!
He he is grateful for the opportunity to become friends with all these guys who he never would have had the chance to meet.
He says the majority of them have girlfriends at home; and it's fun to relate and talk to all them about going throught he same thing.
He got made District Leader his second day, and has the 2nd biggest district in the MTC!
He made his district motto "Obedience brings blessings, exact obedience brings miracles."
And it's so cute, I can tell in is letters so far that he really feels protective over his district, and looks out for all the guys.
He loves getting Dear Elders!
He already feels confident about his language, and feels that he'll be able to pick up spanish quickly!
Basically he says the spirit is just so strong in the MTC and he is learning so much! He said Elder Bednar was there on Tuesday, and gave a life changing talk that i'm excited to hear about in his letter!
It sounds to me that he is doing SO good and mostly enjoying himself; but of course he probably wouldn't tell me otherwise. But even if he is faking it he must know that it makes me SO happy and uplifts me so much to hear that he's loving it :)
I'm SO very proud of him and excited to hear about all the experiences he's going to be having!

Elder Carver & his companion

As for me, I have a book I need to read... "The Beast in the Garden" It's for a class I signed up for at Utah State called 'Connections' It starts in the summer, a week before regular classes start; and it's only that week long, but it's worth 2 credits! I heard it was a smart move to take, so I better not be dissapointed because so far this book is boring, and about scary animals that attack civilization! My kind of book, right? not.
Including connections, I have 17 credits that i've signed up for. Plus I'm going to have a job while up in Logan. Considering this will be my first semester in college, everyone is telling me i'm crazy! Well, I'm going to prove everyone wrong!
(hopefully. seriously though, pray for me)  
I'm just going to be very busy, and to me; it's worth it! I really would like to graduate as soon as I possibly can. haha but don't worry, I'm going to have fun, and get the full college experience!
My roomates i'm living with are a blast! It would be impossible to not play a little.
So other than that I have had lots of time to do my own thing lately... imagine that.
 I've got some scrapbooking done, made a few packages (yes i know, a few already?)organized my room, spent some good time with friends and family, and lots of time at the pool! and I'm happy. It's definitely going to be a fun and adventerous next couple years!   

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  1. Jess, I know exactly what you are talking about when feeling blessed with him leaving, I felt the same way! It is such a fun, amazing experience for both of you. & I promise time does speed up :) So glad he's loving it!


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