Feb 23, 2017

British Virgin Islands & St. Thomas with the Carvers!

Jordan's parents came to visit us at the end of January and what can I say.. YAY we love visitors!! I've said it before but it makes us feel like we are on vacation when we get to show people around our little Island. :) Per usual, the week went by WAY too fast but amazing memories were definitely made. It was so fun to get my in laws all to ourselves and not have to worry about anything except really having fun together!! Some good bonding for sure. Plus getting some of my MIL home cooked meals AND my FIL doing our dishes (by hand, a dishwasher is not a luxury we have here) each night was HEAVEN. 

Here's a dump of pics from our time together... and our first time in the BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS!! Recommended. If you are going to make it out as far as St. Thomas... you gotta get yourself over to the BVI's while you're here. The snorkeling is immaculate and each little island has something cool to offer. You can take ferries but we decided to get together with our BF's on the Island and chartered our own boat to take us wherever we wanted! That is the way to do it. We avoided the tourist crowds, got in and out of places quicker, got through customs with a breeze and could tell our captain to take us wherever we desired! 

The Baths on Virgin Gorda were our first stop. You can't really describe them unless you just go see them. Tunnels of boulders standing out in the turquoise waters... really neat indeed.

AND just when I thought I was finally tired of snorkeling... THIS. I fell in love with it again. The ocean is full of surprises and snorkeling around the BVI's was seriously MAGICAL. SO much to see. So much color under the water. 

Have I properly introduced our best friends?? This is John and Steph. Thank the HEAVENS that they decided to move out to St. Thomas when they did. They have been our best friends and it's super nice to have another couple who can RELATE am I right? Island life is tough ;) and they understand haha. Plus we've made the best travel buddies, have something to do on the weekends and lifetime friends. 

Our stop for lunch was on an Island called Norman. SUPER CUTE. and wayyy yummy. 
Except side note. One time when we were in Mexico I fell in love with Ceviche and ate it like a billion times on our trip. Ever since then every time I see it on a menu I get so excited and order it again. and IT IS NOT THE SAME. Mexico... you know how to do ceviche!! Everywhere else... FIGURE IT OUT I've been so disappointed haha. 

"What would you guys like to drink, water? Great."

HERE IS THIS SMALL BOTTLE OF FIJI WATER ONLY $8. And no, you are not allowed to bring your perfectly fine water bottle in our restaurant. hahaha ahhh Island life. 

The Caves!! 
Snorkeled to the very back... then right back out fast as I could cause... creepy. But super cool.

One of our favorite little hidden beaches, Santa Maria. A beautiful hike down (after you hop the chain link fence) and it is ALWAYS empty and all to ourselves. There are waves on this beach big enough to boogie-board and it is fun for us to mix it up every now and then from the snorkeling!

I'm COCONUTS over you. ;)

99 Steps to Black Beards Castle. Still haven't been inside the castle.. but the steps offer a pretty great view. :)

THANKS for stopping by, Carvers! Come again soon. ;)