Mar 13, 2016

strawberry jam is my jam

Last February my mom and I made a few batches of strawberry jam, and I JUST ran out of my last jar of mine. Jordy asked if we could make more and the next day my mom told me she ordered 8 crates of strawberries for a way good deal and asked if I wanted some too! Coincidence?? I think not! 

Needless to say we made a few more batches than last year and i literally have strawberry jam for days now... or more like years! So while we watched the "women tell all" we blended and stirred and my mom made me go home as soon as I screwed on the last lid and wouldn't even let me help her clean up her kitchen which was sticky in every single corner from all our pouring and stirring of blended strawberries. She didn't want me to be tired for work in the morning, so lucky to have her for a mom! So I went home with 25 jars to stick in my freezer :) 

also, hubby was gone for a night this weekend and THANK heavens my family is close so we could paint nails, watch a movie and I didn't have to go to sleep in an empty house! 

happy sunday!! and TWO weeks til spring break!!!!! :)