Mar 28, 2015

happy birthday, loyal

my rad uncle jeff has had his bike shop up and running for one year now!! 

we joined in the celebration of Loyal Cycle's anniversary with a fun bike ride from the shop to the barn and of course a barn party with hot dogs on the grill and cake! 

thanks jeff for providing our fun saturday night entertainment,
and everyone else go get yourself a bike and become a loyal customer ;) pun intended. 

Mar 23, 2015

cause i can't come home from my (mental) vacation

in my mind i'm soooo still in california. yikes usually breaks help rejuvenate you? not this time. i'm SO stuck on vacation. we're slowly getting back. slowly.

^^exploring Santa Monica for the day

^^After explaining to jord that since he has to permanently replace my sisters that includes taking silly pictures of everything, and each other, and pretending we're models like all the time. he grasped the idea with an 
"Okay! Work it, ya now grab your hair and look that way, okay now try flipping your hair around, touch your jacket, turn around and look back."
i'm all like. okay no. never mind. 

^^^Cute little seal that kept wanting to come say hi! 

^^^WOO. finally made it back Disney. where all our dreams really came true. except the one where we rear/side-ended another car on the way into the parking garage IN his sisters car. really? don't remember ever dreaming up that one. 

^^^Um malibu beach was GORGEOUS. especially considering we had it all to ourselves. (it may have been private. oops) oh and of course we have to fit in our exercises!

^^ so hot right now.

^^Shopping at the cute tier shops!

^^Playing on the beach allllll day long :)

^^Cause pizza at the California Pizza Kitchen is actually way better IN california. ;)

^^Bree's cute house in Valencia! AND hearing Kirby Hebourne speak in sacrament meeting. UM COOL! Jord wouldn't let me track him down for a picture and autograph after the meeting though… that apparently isn't appropriate at church. ;)

^^It would probably be too good to be true if we didn't get stranded 24 hours over night at LAX. We may be smiling in those pictures, but trust me a few hours later this was NO smiling matter. Worst experience ever!