Jul 29, 2014

life lately;

w i t h   h i m 

i'm a pretty lucky girl right? 
between work schedules, appointments, and sleep, i try to fit in as much time as possible with this guy. and although life is still life, and sometimes it's hard i seriously wonder how I went two years without getting zero sleep and eating way too many treats together. ;)

& to top it all off we're off to cali for the rest of the week, lucky me!! 

Jul 4, 2014

no trespassing


yayyy julia came home from alaska!!!
she's back and just in time to snuggle with me during some fireworks for my favorite holiday!
Happy 4th.


>> also… impromptu photo shoots are the best kind.
thanks cute aunt nikki for loving random pics as much as we do ;)

Jul 3, 2014


another beautiful little city just a train ride away.

the Cathedral of Siena was my faaaaav we visited can you guess why?? I mean, check out all those stripes people! 

>>uploading all these pics a whole month later is seriously making me miss this place! but it's bringing back amazing memories and i'm SO grateful for how many pictures I took!


a month of gelato

You could basically call me a gelato expert.

While I was in Italy the doctor prescribed one gelato a day, SOMETIMES more!
but really, if the opportunity presents itself, I advise to take full advantage! ;) 

favorite flavor >

nastiest flavor >
salted caramel 

best combo >
peaches & cream

WORST combo >
kiwi & tiramisu … GAG me.

mostly craved >
chocolatey flavors

prime location >
Rassio di Luna Gelateria at the Cinque Terre

surprisingly good >
Viagra (tasted like a vanilla tootsie roll)

currently craving >
chocolate & banana 

happy 4th tomorrow, celebrate with some gelato!