Jul 24, 2012

i'm domestic

So there is this pile of stuff growing in the corner of my room. I can't put it away anywhere because it is all stuff that I'm taking with me to college. Mom and I headed out shopping the other day with the sole purpose of finding me a new bedspread for my  new (XL twin) bed I'm going to be sleeping in, in less than ONE month. And...we came home with a whole pile of STUFF. haha you could say we both got a little giddy, honestly who knew living required having so much of it! BUT it has made me more excited :) and a little less stressed that i won't be able to make my small dorm apt feel like home. (but just a little)
So Me and Jenni (my roommate) decided on the color scheme turquoise and red for our room. Well mostly I decided... I'm lucky she was persuadable.  And now I just want to buy everything I see in those colors!
One of the necessities that I purchased to take to college is a laundry bag. I figured it would be easier than a basket since I'll have to be transporting all my dirty laundry. So to make it cuter I made some big fabric flowers to tack on it!

The type of flower I used is probably the easiest method that I know of to home-make any type of flowers.
All you do is cut a strip of fabric however big you want your flower to be
(the longer and wider the strip, the bigger and fuller the flower) 
Thread your needle, and stitch up one side of the fabric. As you go along you just scrunch the fabric, just like if you were making ruffles.
If you scrunch it tight enough it will naturally form into a circle. Then you just sew it in place where you want it :)
I sewed on buttons for the center, or 'bud' of the flower.
Then I just tacked them on to my laundry bag (It's bigger in person, I promise)
and it has back-pack straps on the back so it will be easy to carry around. :)

Also, the whiteboard that I made a while ago? I changed it up a little so it can match my new room! All I did was add scrapbook paper and the flower.
It's the same type of flower I used for my laundry bag except before I stitched the edge of the strip I cut waves onto the opposite edge.
 When I scrunched it up it gave it the 'petal' look.
I'm sort of bugged because I wish the flower wasn't so dang low on the board, like if it was centered a little more on the corner it would be perfect! But I used wood glue on that thing and let it dry while I was at work and it is NOT going anywhere. Oh well :/
Anyway, needless to say I'm excited for everything to come together :)
HAPPY 24th everyone!!
It's a great day to be a Utahn and an LDS member.
So grateful for our pioneers, I know we are faced with challenges in our day, but all I know is there is a reason I wasn't born in their time, I hate to admit that I probably would not have been able to make it. But, that's not that big of a surprise to most of you ha. Just thinking about the hardships they went through gives me encouragement to do better and know that I can get through the challenges and trials of our day, we owe it to them. I'm just so grateful for everything they went through! Utah is definitely always going to be home :) And it's thanks to our pioneers for the great place that it is.

Jul 2, 2012

oh fedora.

summer is filled with long, hot, beautiful days. and, lets be honest a great lack of the want or energy to do anything with my hair. and not to be gross but even washing it on a regular basis becomes a rare occasion.
thank heaven for hats.